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69% of firefighters in the United States are volunteers. Belmont VFD thrives thanks to the support of the state, county and its community. Help us keep our towns safe by donating today! All donations we receive go towards the purchase of improved and safer equipment for our fire department and firefighters.

Belmont Volunteer Fire Dept.

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What We Do

Belmont VFD's mandate is to protect the community, preserve life and protect property from fire and other emergencies. We serve the area of Belmont, TX and surrounding communities.

Who we are

Belmont VFD was founded on May 24 1990. We have 23 active firefighters serving the community of Belmont, TX and surrounding communities.  Our department is fully equipped to take on any incident.

Safety Tips

Stay informed as we publish on our blog monthly safety tips and guidelines that can help you and your family stay safe all year around.

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