Meet The Firefighter: Cecil Deadman

Cecil Deadman - Belmont Volunteer Fire Department

Cecil Deadman

Joined BVFD:


Main role:


Other responsibilities:

Cecil is in charge of recruitment at Belmont VFD.

Why does the profession of Firefighter interests him?

When Cecil was in high school, his school burned to the ground. Several of the students, including himself, helped the volunteer fire department during this incident. This incident inspired and encouraged Cecil to participate in volunteer firefighter efforts, discovering how important it is to help people in need.

Favorite part about being a Firefighter:

Cecil loves interacting with fellow firefighters and gets great joy from encouraging new firefighters as they integrate into the department.

Funny anecdote or “uh ho” moment:

Once, while fighting a fire in a nearby town, Cecil was helping a fellow firefighter hold and move a hose. Suddenly, the firefighter in front of him disappeared! Confused, they looked around and saw that the firefighter had fallen off the ramp where he had been, into a hole! They had to work together to pull him out.

Dark side of the job:

The most difficult part of the job according to Cecil is the stress incurred from dealing with families who unfortunately face traumatic situations.

Words of wisdom for new recruits before they join:

Be sure you can handle trauma. Make yourself as available as possible. Every situation requires as much personnel as possible.

Where does he see himself in 5-10 years:

Cecil hopes to be a mentor in the future.

Last words:

Cecil has been involved in the fire service since 1963 in one way or another. He considers himself fortunate to have worked as a full-time firefighter with the Brownwood Fire Department in the late 60s, and with several volunteer fire departments in other cities where he lived. He also served as an Assistant Chief with the Follett, TX Volunteer Fire Department, and he was also a Training Officer. What an impressive resume, Cecil!

Published on: June 13, 2021

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