In Memory Of Bob Kidd (1946-2022)

Bob Kidd (1946-2022) Belmont VFD Firefighter

In memory of Bob Kidd (1946-2022) who passed away peacefully in his sleep last night…

Bob Kidd was a dedicated firefighter who joined Belmont VFD in 2004. He fulfilled several roles and was a safety officer for a number of years. He answered the majority of calls, missing very few over his 18 year career as a volunteer firefighter. He was a kind, caring and dedicated person. He’ll be missed by his family, friends, fellow firefighters and the community.

Words from Mark Newman, firefighter with Belmont VFD since 1989:

“Bob Kidd was a dedicated fireman who would go on a call the day he got out of the hospital. I did some work for him and Jackie and I recruited him. We became good friends. Little did I know he would be my father in law. He was my friend, my brother fireman, and father in law. What more can one say?”

Rest in peace, Bob. You surely deserve your slice of heaven, and then some! 🙏

Published on: March 23, 2022

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